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Ukrainian Refugees Doctors


Our OET project is now closed. We would like to thank our partners and tutors for their valuable contribution to its successful completion. 


Ukrainian refugee doctors who pass OET can already be included in the Medical Support Workers programme (other programmes currently being established) and can start helping the NHS

 Doctors with B2 English are ready to start OET preparation

How we help

For doctors with English levels B2 and above:

intensive OET preparation course in mini-group with certified tutor (14 lessons over 1 or 2 months)

For doctors with English levels B1 and below:

intensive ELS tuition in groups  (4 months per level) + further OET preparation course

What we have achieved so far

 Two groups have already completed the OET preparation course

(10 people in total)

 Monthly meetings with Medical Support Workers programme administration

Further Steps

New groups (OET and B1-to-B2) will be launched subject to funding availability

Doctors who have passed OET will be supported in booking OET exams (refugees are eligible for 2 free attempts) and further preparation for PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 for GMC registration

If you are Ukrainians doctors and interested in our service, please get in touch.

The course is not only shed light on understanding the OET exam but also provided a valuable practice of each subtest. I’m enormously grateful to each person who originated this course.
Everyone who once has started preparation for the OET would agree with me that the most difficult part is to find a good teacher and reliable sources for practice. This course gives all of this and I place a hope that the project will continue and help Refugee doctors who have the possibility to join and prepare.


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