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Our Story

STREAM Foundation (formerly Lifeboat UK) was started immediately following the 2022 Ukraine conflict. Our volunteers began to travel to Poland, where we provided emergency psychological help, legal assistance, and interpreter services, as well as training, supervision and support to volunteers working with those who fled to the Polish border and refugee shelters. When Ukrainian refugees started to come to the UK we supported them in different ways. Our previous UK-based projects included: helping people to navigate the complicated first steps in the UK; helping with English tuition when free English courses were not available via local councils; supporting Ukranian doctors by providing OET and IELS preparation courses for Ukrainian doctors who want to start working in the NHS.  

However, from the beginning our main goal has been to set up a trauma centre. During our time in Poland we realised that it is vital to act quickly to avoid developing severe PTSD and other trauma-related conditions.

Current NHS data shows that even people with severe mental health conditions are often left waiting up to two years for treatment.


This is why we’ve decided to open STREAM Trauma Centre.

Today STREAM Foundation is a trauma centre in London that aims to provide help and support to  people who are recovering from Psychological Trauma.

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